Econvert designs and implements anaerobic technology for the treatment of industrial wastewater & biogas. We develop reactors for recovering & utilizing valuable resources, like biogas, from industrial wastewater. With our technology, customers can reduce their ecological footprint and remain competitive at the same time. Each and every day we work to perfect the art of reuse.

Founded on in-depth process knowledge, Econvert offers customized solutions. Econvert focuses on the food industry, paper industry, breweries and distilleries, as well as companies working with chemicals, flavours and fragrances.
Since June 2020 Econvert is part of the Saur Industry Group. We work together with international partners active in industrial wastewater treatment. Our customers benefit from this cooperation as we can offer our services and solutions globally. This is in line with our ambition to ensure everyone can benefit from the advantages of anaerobic wastewater treatment.