What’s Inno-EUt+?

The Innovative European University of Technology (Inno-EUt+ – https://innoeut.utcluj.ro/) is a project aiming to enhance the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity of a European university alliance, the European University of Technology (EUt+ – https://www.univ-tech.eu/). A total of 8 universities across Europe already gradually integrate their educational and research activities. With doing so, they cocreate opportunities for their staff and students. This specific project, financed through the EIT’s HEI Initiative, helps higher education institutions to build the capacity to teach innovation and entrepreneurship. More concrete the project objectives are:

  • develop inclusive joint formal and informal entrepreneurial curricula to encourage students (undergrad/postgrad) and researchers to think like entrepreneurs and seek to find value propositions to local and societal challenges in a sustainable way;
  • train academic and non-academic staff to inspire, coach and nurture individuals or teams of aspiring entrepreneurs in a diverse student and researcher body;
  • develop a strategy document related to the research and innovation roadmap to encompass entrepreneurship in terms of culture, funding schemes and other support actions;
  • develop a robust methodology for regularly assessing entrepreneurship-related activity across all campuses.

As non-HEI partner (Higher Education Institute) Water Alliance had a crucial role in the development of the entrepreneurial curricula and mentoring of spin-off companies from the universities. Most of them with a focus on water technology.

For who?

The project is interesting for students and staff from universities and research institutes.

Contact Water Alliance

Water Alliance is involved via our colleague Ronald Wielinga, director of Entrepreneurship.


June ’21 – June ‘23

This project is funded by the European Commission