AkaNova is manufacturer of NIQO systems®: the solution for wastewater. Wastewater treatment plants of NIQO systems® excel because of a high operational reliability and durability.

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AQANA developed the biomass carrier based anaerobic technology called DACS, to treat high organic polluted wastewaters.

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Your partner in procestechniques and water- and sludgetreatment. From single process components to complete industrial water and sludge treatment installations.

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AWT specialises in the design, construction and installation of complete waste water treatment plants for a wide range of industry sectors, from beverage and food to sewage and waste water.

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logo of the company blue tec; a blue swirl with the name underneath


BLUE-tec is focussing on the development and realization of technologies for a sustainable treatment of water and process streams. We are a leader in membrane processes like Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis, MBR, Forward Osmosis and Ammonia Membrane Stripping.

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Bluecon developed the next generation decentralized wastewater treatment units based on an innovative physical process without the use of bacteria.

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Brightwork is an allround consultant in (waste) water treatment, water reuse, sludge and energy management for water authorities, drinking water companies and industries. Furthermore, Brightwork develops new products and applications for purification, monitoring and reuse of water and raw materials.

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Cellvation® implemented at your STP means:

reducing cost / increasing capacity
improving CO2 -performance
becoming part of the circular economy!

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