The ROLAPAC is an innovative and patented floating layer remover for sewage pumping stations.

Urban areas are increasingly faced with the formation of floating layers in sewage pumping stations. This floating layer consists of fats, oils, and greases (FOG), wipes, and other items that do not belong in the sewer. These ‘floating layers’ are costly to remove and the removal process is an unsustainable practice.  In addition, the floating layer increasingly puts pressure on the sewer infrastructure during periods of heavy rainfall. This is something we are increasingly experiencing due to climate change. The ROLAPAC solution prevents the formation of a floating layer and which therefore reduces cleaning necessity. This, in turn, reduces cleaning costs, improves the sewer infrastructure and reduces C0² emissions. When maintenance is scheduled during a period of bad weather the lift station is needed to transport the water and cannot go into recess which results in high (re-)planning costs.

In addition, sewerage pumping stations are often located in residential areas where maintenance can lead to inconvenience for local residents. The pilot in the Scheveningen (NL) sewage pumping station shows that the aforementioned challenges no longer occur; one short annual maintenance is sufficient. The payback time is therefore less than 2.5 years and the sustainability contribution to the lift station’s owner is significant.