Water technology business opportunities in the Gulf region

On 23 June, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), the Dutch embassies in the Gulf Region, Water Alliance and the Netherlands Water Partnership jointly hosted a webinar on how to work with market intermediaries in the Gulf region.

The webinar was tailored to Dutch water technology SMEs, and with over 50 participants, the event made it clear that there is serious interest among Dutch SMEs to develop business with the Gulf market. Potential local business partners joined the discussion with tips and tricks on doing business in the region. During the webinar, the possibility of starting a Partners for International Business (PIB) on water for the Gulf region was presented. PIB is a programme that allows Dutch businesses to forge partnerships in the water sector and with the Dutch Government to develop two or three year action plans that provide the best possible platform abroad.

Refer to the webinar’s executive summary for further details.

Source: Netherlands Water Partnership