The WTEX10 programme with focus on the United States (US) is a follow-up to the WTEX10 2021 programme in which various activities were developed with a group of water technology companies. The water & wastewater infrastructure in the US is in dire need of upgrading. In addition, there are other water-related challenges in the US such as PFAS pollution, nutrient contamination, water availability and climate change.

With existing techniques, these challenges are difficult to solve. Innovation therefore plays a crucial role in finding new solutions to existing and new challenges in the water and wastewater sector. This is why a large investment programme ($60 billion Infrastructure Bill) for these challenges (in water and wastewater sector) has been launched in the US. To meet these challenges, a joint US- Dutch collaborative approach can be extremely beneficial to both.

Activities in regards to the US:

2 – 4 October- WEFTEC, Chicago – Trade show visit with programme + Netherlands Lounge

7 – 9 November – Aquatech – Amsterdam – Inbound mission

More information

For more information about the US programme, please contact:

Stefan Bergsma
International Project Manager
+31 (0)611101240

Arjan Braamskamp
Team Lead Business Relations
+31 70 304 3700