The programme WTEX10: Accelerating Dutch Water Technology Exports is a follow-up to the 2021 programme and focuses on structurally increasing exports in the water technology sector. The target group is primarily companies of approximately 10-75 employees with international growth ambitions: scale-ups.

Market opportunities will be explored with a number of leading Dutch water technology SMEs with a focus specifically on the UK, Spain, US and Germany. The programme distinguishes two markets and has developed specific approaches for each:

1. Countries with developed water technology markets

Joint well-prepared specific water technology trade missions, allowing::

  • Scale and specific positioning during events
  • Scale and specific positioning during events: joint expertise
  • Matchmaking

2. Developing countries

  • Through collaboration of Dutch NGOs and Watertech sector achieve SDG6 impact and Dutch companies increase exports to this market. Combination of aid, trade and financing creating sustainable development.
  • For now, scale-able pilots

Building Blocks

The programme has 4 building blocks that are applied in both markets:

1 Branding the identity
Actively promote Dutch water technology expertise internationally through innovative marketing techniques.

2 Developing market intelligence
Know your market: working together with local partners and companies to gain market intelligence.

3 Collaboration and consortium formation
Actively approach and search for potential consortium partners.

4 Access to funding
Facilitate access to funding by unlocking funding knowledge and connecting parties.

The WTEX10 program is an initiative of the Dutch government, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Top Sector Water & Maritime in cooperation with Water Alliance and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP).

For more information about the WTEX10 programme please contact;

Harro Brons
+31 (0)653117624
International Business Development Manager

Steven van Rossum
Programme Manager