SUEZ Water Spain installs a DACS® anaerobic water treatment plant in the Zuvamesa factory in Valencia

Nieuwsbericht AQANASUEZ Water Spain has designed and commissioned an anaerobic water treatment plant using DACS® technology; this new plant will treat the effluent from the orange juice and by-product factory that Zuvamesa has in Sagunto, Valencia.

The company distributes DACS® exclusively in Spain and Portugal. DACS® is an innovative anaerobic treatment process patented by the company AQANA. Anaerobic treatment is the process by means of which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. This process generates various gases, especially methane, which can be used as fuel. With this treatment the effluent toxic pollutants are t removed, obtaining a final water quality suitable to be discharged into the public waterway.

Treating waste water with DACS® technology allows the biogas produced to be recovered as an energy source. Energy costs are also reduced compared with aerobic purification (as there is no need to aerate the reactor), the volume of sludge generated is reduced and the necessary footprint to treat the effluent is smaller DACS® also allows to treat effluents with a high organic load, such as in juice manufacturing processes, optimizing the economic balance of the factory with the most robust system on the market.

With this new plant, Zuvamesa has managed to increase the effluent treatment capacity without having to expand the size of its treatment facilities. It has also reduced waste production, enable to generate important savings in electricity and natural gas consumption, and reuse 100% of the biogas generated in its thermal power generation processes for water treatment and for the manufacturing
SUEZ Water Spain and Zuvamesa have been working together for over two years on the operation and maintenance of its effluent treatment plant in the Sagunto factory. Choosing to install DACS® technology emphasises Zuvamesa commitment to their circular economy strategy, closing the loop of the life cycle of products through greater recycling and reuse, and providing benefits both for the environment and for the economy.

About SUEZ Water Spain

SUEZ Water Spain, a subsidiary of SUEZ, is a global benchmark in water management products and services, for both municipal and industrial and agricultural customers, with the aim of improving the quality of life of people. A leader in technological solutions which enable optimization of the water footprint in the different production processes, the SUEZ teams transfer their experience and knowledge to society, generating value for the stakeholders. Through innovation, the circular economy or the promotion of dialogue, SUEZ Water Spain contributes to sustainable development in the communities where it is present.


AQANA BV from the Netherlands is leading in the development and implementation of it’s next generation anaerobic DACS® technology all over Europe. Combining world class anaerobic technological knowledge and strong focus on industrial and client needs results in the successful application of the carrier based DACS® technology for a broad range of industries.

DACS® is a system patented by the company AQANA and licensed to SUEZ Water Spain since 2016 for its exclusive distribution in Spain and Portugal.