Semiotic Labs is looking for early adopters of real-time pump curve

Semiotic Labs is looking for early adopters of their new real-time pump curve, set to be ready in early 2020.

The real-time pump curve will help to:

  • Identify the actual operating point of a pump
  • Identify the difference between the engineered and actual operating point of a pump
  • Detect developing pump faults at an even higher rate of accuracy
  • Identify pumps that are not operating at maximum (optimum) efficiency
  • Collect accurate performance metrics on the operation of a pump
  • Make recommendations on process changes to optimize pump efficiency


Who is Semiotic Labs?

Semiotic Labs is the company behind SAM4, the smart predictive maintenance tool for AC motors and rotating equipment such as pumps, conveyors and compressors. Using Motor Current Signature Analysis and voltage measurements taken from the Motor Control Cabinet, SAM4 can predict over 9 out of 10 pump failures up to 5 months in advance.

As SAM4 measures current and voltage from inside the Motor Control Cabinet, no sensors need to be attached to the actual pump. This means that SAM4 can easily monitor pumps that are located under water, underground or in hazardous environments.

As part of our continuous drive to provide better value to our customers, Semiotic Labs has developed a real-time pump curve to provide asset owners with even more accurate information on the performance, health and efficiency of their pumps.


Who are we looking for?

 Semiotic Labs are looking for pump asset owners who would be interested in becoming early adopters of our real-time pump curve. For more information on what that would involve, please contact