Market opportunities for raw materials

The Interreg WOW! project is one of the initiators for the EU-wide transition where we re-use raw materials in sewage water to turn it into valuable biobased products. We can extract PHA from sewage water to make bioplastics, we can produce lipids to make biofuels and we actively make carbon from toilet paper fibers (cellulose).

CirTec BV is one of the members of the WOW! Project. CirTec is responsible for the harvesting of the cellulose in this project. Besides this, CirTec is the leader of the work package focussed on the possibilities and challenges of legislation and regulations around the marketing of these raw materials from sewage.

Are you curious about the technologies or do you see opportunities to market the biobased products? Then you are welcome to join the workshops on the 24th of October in the afternoon!

CirTec created two workshops between 14.00 – 17.00 PM that can be visited separately:
1) Learn more about how PHA, lipids and cellulose are obtained from sewage water. Which biobased products can we make with this? What opportunities does that offer for business?
2) Join the discussion on the subject: what possibilities and challenges does the legislation and regulations offer for the marketing of raw materials from sewage?

The WOW! Event is part of the Aquarama Trade Fair 2019.
Location: Brabanthal Leuven
Date: 24 October 2019
Time: 12:00 – 17:00

Besides the workshops in the afternoon, you can visit CirTec the whole day on our booth no. 102.