Pure Water Group continues cooperation with Australian partner MAK Water.

Pure Water Group is to manufacture a 10.5 m3/h Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) system for the production of Ultrapure water for is valued partner MAK Water, an experienced supplier to the oil and gas industry. The CEDI system will be part of the water treatment plant for the Waitsia gas project, one of the largest gas fields ever discovered onshore in Australia.

CEDI was selected as a proven and sustainable technology for the production of Ultrapure water. Unlike traditional Ion Exchange technologies that require chemicals for regeneration the Continuous Electrodeionization process is continuously regenerated by means of the applied DC current. This is significant for remote locations as it removes the requirement for bringing bulk chemicals to site as well as the safety and environmental concerns associated with onsite handling and disposal of hazardous chemicals and chemical wastes.

MAK Water’s preference for partnering with Pure Water Group on this project was due to its unparalleled experience in designing and supporting CEDI projects worldwide.