Royal HaskoningDHV and Aquacare work together to maximise phosphate recovery

Aquacare and Royal HaskoningDHV have decided to jointly introduce the latest game-changing innovation in the field of phosphate removal and phosphate recovery – BiOPhree® – to the market. This exclusive partnership will initially focus on the household wastewater market in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and improves water ecology and the recovery of raw materials from wastewater.

Excessive algae growth in surface waters is a global challenge that generates considerable ecological and economic damage. Algae growth in surface waters is highly affected by the quantity of phosphate in water. Drastically removing phosphate, for example from household wastewater, largely eliminates this driving force behind algae growth.

The combined knowledge of both organisations makes this partnership a logical step. Tako van Croonenborgh, Managing Director at Aquacare, explains: ‘Having all the required technological knowledge is one thing, but to transform this into a real success requires collaboration with a party with market knowledge and market access. A party that also believes in the circular economy and the value of recovering raw materials from wastewater. We are therefore proud that this partnership with Royal HaskoningDHV has been established and we are confident in the joint successful introduction of this technology to the market.’

Both organisations also believe in the necessity of tackling excessive algae growth over the short-term using the best technology available. In addition to reducing phosphate to very low concentrations, this technology also enables phosphate recovery and reusing the recovered phosphate as raw material. Paul Roeleveld, Director Business Development & Innovations at Royal HaskoningDHV: ‘By recovering phosphate and redeploying it as a raw material, the BiOPhree® technology not only reduces nature damage, but it also enables us to contribute to a circular water chain and the water circuit of the future.’