Membrane marvels: unveiling NX Filtration’s water solutions at WEX Global

In the pursuit of addressing global water challenges, NX Filtration is leading the charge. By developing innovative water filtration solutions the Dutch company is on the forefront of advanced membrane filtration technology. Through their cutting-edge hollow fiber membranes, NX Filtration ensures access to clean and safe water for communities worldwide, playing a vital role in combating water scarcity and contamination.

With a commitment to this excellence and a drive to make a positive impact, Ignacio Diez, a representative of NX Filtration, recently participating in the WTEX10 mission to WEX Global. Let’s delve deeper into their journey, motivations, and the significance of their mission in revolutionizing the water industry.

Q: Could you please start by telling us a bit about yourself?

A: My name is Ignacio Diez, and I represent NX Filtration. I am passionate about developing innovative water filtration solutions and addressing global water challenges.

Q: Can you tell us more about what NX Filtration does?

A: NX Filtration is a company specializing in advanced membrane filtration technology. We develop and manufacture innovative hollow fiber membranes for water and wastewater treatment. Our membranes offer superior performance, high durability, and efficient removal of contaminants, ensuring access to clean and safe water for communities worldwide.

Q: Why is the work you do important to the world?

A: Our work at NX Filtration is crucial to confront challenges around water scarcity and water contamination. NX Filtration’s membrane technology is capable of selectively removing organics from polluted water, including micropollutants, color, antibiotics, PFAS, bacteria and viruses. This has resulted in new and simple processes for the treatment of water, the reuse of wastewater and the production of potable water.

Q: Recently, you participated in the WTEX10 mission to WEX Global. What motivated you to be a part of this mission?

A: We were motivated to participate in the WTEX10 mission to WEX Global because it provided an excellent platform to showcase our innovative technology to a global audience and explore collaborations that can accelerate the adoption of fiber optic monitoring systems.

Q: What sets a WTEX10 mission apart from other initiatives or conferences?

A: WTEX10 missions stand out due to their focus on promoting Dutch water technology excellence. They offer a unique environment for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and fostering international partnerships in the water sector.

Q: Could you share what the mission to WEX Global brought you and your company?

A: The mission to WEX Global brought us valuable exposure and networking opportunities. We had the chance to engage with industry professionals, present our technology, and explore potential collaborations that can further enhance our impact in water monitoring and infrastructure optimization.