Illuminating global waters: Van Remmen UV Technology’s vision for safe and sustainable water

In a world where clean and safe water is an essential resource, Van Remmen UV Technology stands at the forefront of innovation, paving the way for advanced water treatment solutions. Spearheading their mission is Ton van Remmen, a passionate advocate for disinfection and advanced oxidation technologies. At the recent WEX Global event, the WTEX10 mission brought together visionaries like Ton to share knowledge, collaborate, and collectively work towards a future where pristine water is accessible to all. In this interview, Ton sheds light on Van Remmen UV Technology’s vital role in revolutionizing water treatment and fostering a sustainable world.

Q: Could you please start by telling us a bit about yourself?

A: My name is Ton van Remmen and I represented Van Remmen UV Technology at WEX Global. With a passion for disinfection and advanced oxidation in water treatment, I strive to a world where clean and safe water is available for everyone.

Q: Can you tell us more about what Van Remmen UV Technology does?

A: Van Remmen UV Technology wants to make and keep water clean and safe. We develop and manufacture validated UV disinfection systems for water treatment. Next to disinfection, our advanced oxidation systems help ensure the safety and quality of water by eliminating harmful microorganisms,  micropollutant and other chemical substances (like dioxane, cyanide etc)

Q: Why is the work you do important to the world?

A: Water is the most important and precious good we have in this world. We believe that the clean water we are using should be discharged in the same quality or better, with respect for nature.

Q: Recently, you participated in the WTEX10 mission to WEX Global. How was your experience?

A: We were motivated to participate in the WTEX10 mission to WEX Global to showcase our UV technology and engage with industry experts, researchers, and potential partners. It provided an excellent platform to exchange knowledge, explore collaborations, and stay updated on the latest trends in the water industry. All together we believe that sharing knowledge and motivating the elderly to change behavior is the only way to turn the tide.

Q: What sets a WTEX10 mission apart from other initiatives or conferences?

A: WTEX10 missions stand out due to their focus on water technology innovation and collaboration. These missions bring together a diverse range of water-related companies, experts, and organizations, fostering networking opportunities and promoting the development of cutting-edge solutions for global water challenges.

Q: Could you share what the mission to WEX Global brought you and your company?

A: The mission to WEX Global provided us with valuable insights into emerging trends, technologies, and market opportunities in the water industry. It allowed us to showcase our UV technology, connect with potential customers and partners, and gain exposure to a global audience. The mission opened doors to new collaborations and enhanced our visibility in the water technology sector. After the WEX Global the urgency is clear and direct action is needed – we are ready!