BLUE ENERGY is well known as the new way to generate 24/7 CO₂-free energy from salt and fresh water, thus improving grid stability at any scale, fully sustainable. Baseload and peak-shaving. REDstack’s goal is to commercialize this technology by its product, the RED stack. A demo-pilot is operating successful at the Afsluitdijk, the Netherlands. Places were rivers empty into the sea are worldwide suitable locations. Blue Energy is a predictable, completely sustainable and clean source of electricity.

Platform Technology for Resource Recovery

On the basis of the technology developed for Blue Energy, REDstack now offers its revolutionary, energy-efficient, leak-free and industrially produced ElectroMembrane Stacks as a platform technology for resource recovery. The markets served, range from desalination to nitrogen recovery, carbon capture, lithium recovery and power storage. These ElectroMembrane Stacks are commercially available, and already have significant sales.