INDYMO sets up new water quality projects in South Africa

INDYMO (INovative DYnamic MOnitoring, member Water Alliance) participated in a special economic mission to Cape Town, South Africa. The focus of the mission was on water and technology.

INDYMO and other participants of the mission found that there is a wealth of opportunities for innovative Dutch businesses and startups to help tackle local challenges. Therefore INDYMO will set up 3 pilots and monitor water quality & ecology and inspections of (underwater) infrastructure together with other Dutch sme’s (AquaSmartxl and RanMarine) and local universities. INDYMO will map water quality in 3 regions in South Africa: Durban, Cape town and Pretoria.

South Africa is a good basecamp

More than 25 companies identified and explored new forms of cooperation and found creative solutions to shared challenges, build sustainable partnerships and exchange knowledge and expertise with South African counterparts from private and public sector. INDYMO found that Cape Town offers Dutch entrepreneurs a good basecamp from which to enter the South African market. In Mali INDYMO is already contracted to study the water quality in the Niger river with innovating methods as underwater drones (with water quality sensors and camera’s).