Identifying sensors with digital platform

The sheer number of measurement instruments and sensors for monitoring water quality online is staggering. Approximately ten new sensor suppliers join their ranks every year, and the number of new sensor technologies is growing exponentially.

As a result, finding the right sensor for a specific monitoring process is becoming increasingly difficult. Sensileau, the new digital platform by entrepreneurs Corina Carpentier and Jan Broos (also involved with Benten Water Solutions) offers a solution, delivering concise, extensive knowledge and technical information on virtually all commercially available online sensor technologies world wide. “The user can quickly and easily search for the rightsensor for any monitoring process using our handy search feature”, says Broos. “User experiences on the platform prove that the use of the right sensor, combined with improved sensor- data analysis methods, leads to cost savings and process optimization, such as reductions in energy and chemical use, as well as reductions in leakage losses. Sensileau also provides insight into the purchase costs and operational costs, as well as support for sensor installation, maintenance, and calibration.”

Sensileau is a member of the Water Alliance. Visit for a demo.