Unique (Inter-)national underwater drone training-course by INDYMO: from the Netherlands to Indonesia and Mali

The company INDYMO (INovative DYnamic MOnitoring, located in the Netherlands in the city of Leeuwarden and Delft) will continue its underwater drone training-course at several (inter)national organisations.

It started with success at VHL (University of Applied Sciences located in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands) last year, in close cooperation with CIV Water*, Nordwin College* en MBO life sciences, and will therefor continue in 2018 and be further upscaled to Asia and Africa. Trainees will get their underwater drone diploma after showing awareness to waterquality issues and being able to apply innovating monitoring methods as underwater drones with sensors and cameras. The training also consist of: writing a measurmentplan, (big) data analysing and translating this data to concrete actionplan to rehabilitate polluted watersystems. After a training in Surabaya (Indonesia) in 2017, INDYMO will travel to Mali in march 2018 to give training for the rehabilitation of the river Niger to public and private parties.


CEO and professor Floris Boogaard (CEO INDYMO, professor Hanze applied university): “Good waterquality plays an essential role in our lives in The Netherlands but is the difference between life and death in continents as Africa and Asia. We see it as our role to spread our knowledge in order to rehabilitate watersystems around the world. This training is one of these methods to achieve this goal”. Floris is currently now in Indonesia to research the application of drones in the research on plastic soup problems in Ambon

Hein Molenkamp (Managing Director Water Alliance): ‘The Dutch watersector keeps getting more exciting and attractive for young professionals and sme’s at WaterCampus with methods as the dronepilot school from INDYMO and partners’.