Hydraloop scores via crowdfunding

Hydraloop, a member of the Water Alliance, is continuing its trajectory of growth. From its headquarters at WaterCampus Leeuwarden, the company is trying to make the world more sustainable with an innovative in-house water recycling system that collects, cleans and disinfects shower, bath and washing machine water. The water can be reused for various purposes such as toilet flushing, washing machine and gardening. To fund international expansion, money was raised through the UK platform Crowdcube. And Hydraloop’s proposition caught on. Where the initial target was 3 million euros, 4.5 million euros was raised within a few days, by a total of 1300 investors.

Part of the plan for international expansion is to set up factories in several countries outside Europe to assemble water-saving installations. Hydraloop is focusing on numerous countries and target groups, but new construction projects in barren countries with little water are of particular interest.

In 2018, the company already won the WIS award, the innovation award of the Water Alliance. Following this, Hydraloop won several more international awards and managed to frequently make it into the international media and also score international customers.