ELIQUO’s sludge dryers ready for transport to Australia

After a production time of about five months the two sludge dryers “EloDry®” type NT48 are ready for transport to Australia. The dryers are produced at the Eliquo factory in the Black Forrest, Germany. These sludge dryers are an essential part of the Loganholme Biosolids Gasification project in Brisbane, Australia. The Loganholme wastewater treatment plant is the largest wastewater treatment plant in Logan City, treating the sewage of around 300,000 people in the region. Produced sewage sludge at the wastewater treatment plant is currently disposed in the inlands of Australia. Every year, 34,000 t of sewage sludge, still consisting of 75% water, is disposed by six trucks per day to the agricultural area of Darling Downs, 300 kilometres away. There, the sludges are utilised as fertilizer. Around 1,000 t of CO2 emissions are emitted during transport.

Truck transport and the associated CO2 emissions have a significant impact on the environment and the climate. In addition, the transport of the sewage sludge causes almost one third of the total operating costs of the sewage treatment plant. The costs for disposal of the sewage sludge are increasing by a.o. energy prices. The growing population in the region and stricter state regulations for the reduction of CO2 emissions are now boosting alternatives for the transport and disposal of produced sewage sludge.

Being engaged by Downer Utilities Australia, ELIQUO Water & Energy supplies the two sewage sludge dryers as well as incorporated systems for heat recovery, sieving, mixing and discharge of the dried sludges. Project execution is conducted by ELIQUO experts from the Netherlands and Germany.

During the selection process of the most suitable technology, the End-User Loganholme visited several sludge dryer manufacturers in Europe. After a tender process, it was decided to continue with the ELIQUO dryers. ELIQUO’s high quality manufacturing capabilities as well as the impressive energy efficiency of the EloDry® product were key award criteria for winning this opportunity.

On May 31, 2021, the sludge dryers started their journey from the Black Forest in Germany to Brisbane in Australia. With a length of approx. 18 meters each, and a weight of approx. 34 tons, the first part of the journey on the narrow streets in the Black Forest was quite a challenge. All equipment is seaworthy packed in The Netherlands and now heading up for their final destination. Expected arrival time of the dryers in Australia will be mid-August.

Björn de Theije, project manager at ELIQUO Water & Energy: “A combination of forces from different ELIQUO companies in particular during Covid-19, as well the associated travel restrictions have led to an intensive digital collaboration that we have not experienced before. In addition, by this experience we make a positive contribution reducing CO2 emissions by making less business trips. ”

After arriving in Brisbane in August, assembling on site will start in the last quarter of this year. The commissioning period is scheduled early 2022. At that time also an Eliquo team of experts will travel to Brisbane, to secure the optimum installation and performance of the sludge dryers.

Source: ELIQUO