Rinagro helps the municipality of Leeuwarden

Last year, the municipality of Leeuwarden, in collaboration with Rinagro, set up a trial to compost roadside grass. The aerobic bacteria in our product Compost-O® ensures that the heap composts/mineralizes at lower temperatures without losing valuable nutrients. In addition to the product itself, the bacteria grown by us also ensure an increase in organic matter by living in symbiosis with the plants and the extra root growth that results also ensures an increase in organic material in the soil.

This fits in with the aim of the municipality to increase the organic matter content in the soil, stimulate soil life and feed with organic matter instead of fertilizer. This year, the municipality of Leeuwarden will continue with us as a partner. The plan is to investigate this year whether the exotic Japanese knotweed  (Fallopia japonica) can also be properly digested with composting/mineralization.

source: Rinagro