Recap Water Test Network Webinar

Together with partners VLAKWA, Scottisch Water, James Hutton Limited and Centre for Expertise Water Technology, Water Alliance held the international free Water Test Network webinar on Thursday 10th of June.  The main focus of the webinar was to get insights into the Innovation Challenges and how they have helped SMEs facilitate new processes and technologies over the last two years.

Attendees got to hear first hand about some of the new innovations that are being trialled as a result of the Innovation Challenges. During the webinar it was also explained how an SME can get funding be it via an Innovation Challenge or a Support Voucher.

Previous Innovation Challenges winners spoke about how the process works and their experiences with the Water Test Network. If you missed the webinar, here is your chance to re- watch it:



If you want to know more about the Innovation Support Vouchers or about Innovation Challenges please click the links.

You contact the speakers here:

Problem owner, geothermal Brine
Jasper Stroeve    Bakker oilfields

Pharmaceutical Removal
Steve Skill   Greenskill Environmental Technology

PFAS Removal
Hans Baillieul   Sodecon

About the Water Test Network:

Due to the global water crisis this world needs innovators creators of inventive techniques for water treatment, but in a competitive global water market free commercial testing is proven to be difficult and costly at operational scale. Investors are usually reluctant to invest in an unproven technologies. Therefore the Water Test Network supports companies in the water sector that aim to bring their innovations to market.

We offer 14 operational scale test facilities across North West Europe with a wide range of water types and applications. These test sites will be accessible to SMEs to assists them to make products that are market ready and linked to key sector needs. The WTN offers SMEs an integrated package of support in the form of innovation support vouchers. Access to test facility, support with verification and validation.