Ecomondo: the Dutch are back @ Italy

From October 26 to 29, the vibrant city of Rimini in Italy is the backdrop for the Ecomondo. Ecomondo is the leading trade fair within the Mediterranean region for technological and industrial innovation, bringing together all sectors of the circular economy. 15 companies, including 8 Water Alliance members are jointly exhibiting at the Netherlands Lounge. Within the spacious halls of the Fiera complex, the Lounge, in its typical Dutch orange color, is a true eye-catcher.

The fact that the maximum number of participants for the Netherlands Lounge was reached in no time also showed that the Italian market enjoys great interest from the Netherlands. For many this is also a time of firsts, a first ‘real’ fair since the outbreak of COVID over1.5 years ago. The NL Lounge therefore offers a unique opportunity for Dutch companies to present themselves to an international audience, the visitors are clearly excited for face to face meetings, ready to engage in exploratory discussions, most of them come with a clear purpose, and not to forget; all the while these talks are going on enjoying great Italian hospitality and a not to be missed espresso.

Barbara Berson, owner UVOX Redox: ‘For me personally this is the first fair, since COVID, besides that it has been more than 15 years since I was in Italy, we had just started our company when the outbreak stopped physical events all together, I am very happy for this opportunity to pitch my company, it is all very well organized.’

‘Up until now I have made contact with more than fifteen companies, which I can follow up in the near future, besides that this fair confirmed my focus, where, by whom and with which companies are interested in the techniques of UVOX.’

Open concept

The open concept of the stand with ‘flexi-desks’ is also very much appreciated, the 15 participants are active from water, soil to wind technology. Ruud de Vetter, Pure Water Group: ‘You really notice that you can strengthen the mutual bonds, you get to know each other well, besides that you all have your own expertise, so you can refer visitors to each other and work together, that really works well.’

In addition to spontaneous meetings, matchmaking sessions were organized for the participants (by Water Alliance). Florence-based Proaxxes seamlessly knows how to match the right Italian companies with the NL lounge participants. Although doing business in Italy requires (perhaps) a somewhat long term approach, during such sessions the first contacts are made and the foundation is laid for a (possible) future collaboration.

The particpants of Ecomondo 2021:
• Akanova
• Aqana / Salttech
• Bluecon International
• D2D Water Solutions
• European Solar
• Micro Turbine Technology (MTT)
• Orvion
• Pure Blue Water
• Pure Water Group
• Oxy-com
• Uvox
• Van Remmen UV
• Wind Energy Solutions

About Ecomondo 2021:

The Dutch Consulate-General in Milan and the Embassy in Rome organized a Dutch collective entry at the main Italian cleantech fair Ecomondo (26-29 October in Rimini). This collective participation was supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and carried out in cooperation with the Dutch sector organizations Water Alliance and ENVAQUA.