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Van der Heide has been an expert in the field of electrotechnical infrastructure for more than 100 years. It all started with protecting farms and barns against the consequences of lightning strikes. Van der Heide is an internationally recognised expertise and training centre – with six branches in the Netherlands – and every day it develops techniques for future markets. One of these applications concerns cathodic protection of steel and metal products against corrosion. A technique that is used for the sheet piling in the ports of Rotterdam, among other places. The walls continuously receive minimal electrical impulses. This converts the electrons through the anode into cathodes and protects the steel for up to 100 years.

“I believe it is my personal mission to bring printed power systems to the attention of parties to ensure that future generations can also enjoy an environmentally friendly living environment.”

Tenynke Hoekstra
Manager of Cathodic Protection at Van der Heide

Van der Heide for technology, YP Your Partner in real-time control
To prevent corrosion, Van der Heide offers two types of systems. The ‘compressed current system’ (OSS), in which low-voltage direct current is distributed through a transformer over a metal surface. The other is the ‘sacrificial system’, in which the anodes literally sacrifice themselves to the metal to be protected and no electrical connection is required. Both systems protect the steel, but OSS also protects the environment. The low current does not harm aquatic life in any way. Since the steel no longer corrodes, it prevents ‘tons’ of metal from entering the environment. In addition, the impressed current system saves a lot of resources; the steel walls can be made thinner. Another additional advantage of the thinner walls is that the reduction of CO2 is increased.

The condition and functioning of the steel sheet piles is monitored 24/7. The C.A.R.S. system of YP Your Partner provides real-time information on the condition of the material and the cathodic activity present at hundreds of points. All these checkpoints can be remotely controlled and report non-stop and preventively on the characteristics of the sheet piles. Any undesirable corrosion formation due to microbiological changes is detected at the earliest possible stage.

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