Water Sector Export Index (WEX)

The WEX is an indicator that presents the yearly export trends within the Dutch water sector, specifically targeting the delta sector and water technology sector. Research agency Panteia carried out the research within the framework of the Partners for Water Programme. NWP, together with Water Alliance and ENVAQUA, functions as the initiator of the research.

Continuing optimism for international market development

The export of the Dutch water sector increased in 2018 and is estimated on 7.6 Billion Euros. This is the conclusion of the 2018 report on the export of the Dutch water sector, named  the ‘Water sector Export Index’ (WEX). The Dutch water sector is positive about the future and expects that their market share will further expand in 2019. An increasing demand due to the effects of climate change, is considered as one of the main reasons for this estimated growth.

European market most promising

According to the research, companies in the water sector have become more interested in doing business in nearby markets. Companies active in the delta technology sector see most market opportunities in neighboring countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom. The United States, China, Kenia and India are of interest as well. Companies engaged in water technology also see European countries as the most important export market, followed by the United States, Canada, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Integrated solutions

According to the participants that contributed to the WEX, the most important aspects to maintain and compete in the international market competition is to invest in innovation. For example through demonstration projects and pilot locations, and the provision and promotion of integrated  solutions.

The complete report is available here.