Water Alliance achieved bronze label ESCA

Water Alliance has received the Bronze label for Excellence Cluster. The bronze label shows that we strive to optimize the service to water technology companies and to use good other European examples. It is a recognition of the activities of Water Alliance for the water technology companies. In addition, the bronze label provides perspective for Water Alliance to meet new European networks and projects in favour of innovation and export.

The European Commission recognizes that promoting cluster organizations often leads to economic growth. To bring cluster expertise in a pragmatic way together, innovations and market opportunities can be used optimally. The collaboration and knowledge that this creates can lead to new jobs, new products, new services and new companies.

The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) has awarded the status for Water Alliance, based on an international benchmark on 33 different indicators. Water Alliance has been rated ‘striving for cluster excellence’. This means that Water Alliance meets all the core criteria and that suggestions were made for optimization of cluster management. By implementing this suggestions Water Alliance can achieve the silver or gold label.

For Water Alliance, the bronze label is an opportunity and stimulus to continue the international cooperation in the upcoming years. Water Alliance wears the bronze label until June 2017. In the next two years, Water Alliance set the goal to implement the suggestions to achieve a silver or gold label for Cluster Excellence.