SenZ2 enters most prestigious US water-tech accelerator, Imagine H2O!

SenZ2 BV from Waalwijk The Netherlands, specialised in radar water level sensors, is one of the 13 high-potential companies selected to enter Imagine H2O’s Accelerator.  Since 2009, the Imagine H2O Accelerator has supported over a hundred organizations, with current and alumni Imagine H2O companies raising over $150m in 2018.

SenZ2 has entered the Accelerator on January 1st 2019, and graduates at the end of November.  Senz2 will showcase their radar water level sensor at the Water Innovation Week in San Francisco, March 18th untill March 21st.

On March 20, SenZ2 will demonstrate and pitch its wireless radar solution to the IH2O judges and public, in a public forum. One winner and two runners-up will be announced the at Imagine H2O’s annual celebration on March 21st where 400+ members of Imagine H2O’s ecosystem will honour the 2019 Accelerator companies at an evening of festivities in San Francisco. SenZ2 expects to find partners and launching customers through this unique opportunity to enter the North American water market and accelerate their growth.

SenZ2 will show in the US that water and wastewater levels can be measured more accurate, reliable and cost-efficient by using radar instead of pressure sensors.  According to them, until now radar was too complex and too expensive for remote water level monitoring applications. Based on brand new single-chip radar technology, SenZ2 is now able to deliver a breakthrough in remote monitoring of water and waste water levels at a 10th of the price of traditional (wired) radar measurement installations.

In 2018 SenZ2 introduced the world’s first wireless radar level sensor in The Netherlands, integrated into a powerful stand-alone solution. Without the need of any infrastructure, the radar can monitor water and waste water levels for 5 years, without maintenance and with a minimum of installation costs. With this solution SenZ2 will try to convince North American water authorities, local governments and utility companies to deploy powerful radar technology, without the need for any additional infrastructure or skilled operators. This means high-quality measurements and validated data in real-time, with a minimum of installation and maintenance costs, or as SenZ2 calls it: “Radar made simple!”

If you want to meet the SenZ2 team at the Water Innovation Week in San Francisco please contact Martin van Rijn or register here.