Sensileau launches the Sensileau Academy

Water Alliance member Sensileau has been running its digital knowledge-exchange platform for five years, offering a range of services to share technical information and expertise on the application of sensor technologies in the water industry, including its flagship database of commercially available sensors. Recently, however, Sensileau has completely renewed its website, and now offers a number of new services. One of these is the Sensileau Academy, offering an initial six training courses to support water professionals in the development of new knowledge and skills regarding sensor technologies and their practical application. Topics addressed during the training courses include:

  • the fundamentals of sensor technology
  • online nutrient monitoring
  • field monitoring of algae and cyanobacteria (blue-green algae)
  • biosensors for the detection of bacteria and viruses
  • early warning systems
  • development of online sensors for complex parameter groups (PFAS, microplastics, pesticides)

Courses are offered at fundamental or advanced level, as classroom sessions, e-learning modules or in a hybrid form. The first training course on the fundamentals of sensor technology will be held on 23 February 2023 and covers commonly used online monitoring techniques, including colorimetric analysers, ion-selective electrodes (ISEs), optical sensors, early warning systems and biosensors. For each technology type, benefits, drawbacks and operational conditions are discussed. At the end of this course, participants understand the underlying physical, chemical or biological principles of commonly used sensor technologies in the water industry, and can identify essential conditions for the successful field application of these technologies in relation to their detection properties.

In the coming years, the course programme will continue to be expanded, with additional experts in the field of online water monitoring from all over the globe joining the team of trainers at the Sensileau Academy.

About Sensileau

In all its activities, Sensileau aims to raise awareness of the possibilities which sensor technologies offer to optimise water treatment and transport processes. Sensor-controlled process optimisation results in improved water quality while at the same time reducing energy and chemicals consumption, thus leading to a lower carbon footprint and significant cost-savings. To this end, Sensileau does not endorse any particular type of sensor technology. Instead, it provides in-depth technical information on a wide range of sensor technologies, supporting hardware and AI/data science tools, so that water professionals can make an informed decision on the selection of technological solutions which best fit their needs. In this way, Sensileau fosters the uptake of new sensor technologies and contributes to making the water industry more sustainable.

Source: Sensileau