Regulatory Roadmap & Verification Guide for the Water Test Network

If you’re active in the Water sector and need to know the respected authorities on water regulations, specifications and guidance within North West Europe, this is for you! The Water Test Network has developed a ‘Regulatory Roadmap’ and a ‘Guide to verification, validation and certification.’

Guide to verification, validation and certification

Developing an idea into a marketable product and struggling to make a clear distinction between verification, validation and certification? No need to despair anymore. Click here to download the guide.

Regulatory Roadmap

The Roadmap is a tool for SMEs to use as a means of speeding up the process of investigating regulations, specifications and guidance in North West Europe before, during and after entering the Water Test Network process, or in standalone projects. For SMEs, the Roadmap can create talking points, help the direction of a project and alleviate concerns when attempting to launch a new product.

When the Roadmap is opened, it is designed to run in a flow structure, only showing the information dependant on your selection. By selecting the small tab displaying a number, the Roadmap will expand, showing options to select the next part of the process. Continue to do this until you have the option to select an organisation. By selecting the organisations tab, the organisations website will open, giving you the option to search the site for the organisation’s regulations, specifications and guidance.

Find the roadmap here.