Recap EU Techbridge webinar 26th April

On Monday the 26th April Water Alliance and the partners within the EU Techbridge project hosted the US east coast webinar. During this webinar two North American organisations presented their sustainability, water and energy challenges + technology needs to 52 European SMEs. (including 3 Water Alliance members). The aim of the webinar was for European companies to provide a solution for these challenges.

Re-watch the webinar for a better understanding of the challenges;

During the webinar the  Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MRAW) and Home Energy Efficiency Team (HEET) made clear what their specific challenges consist out of:

MWRA is seeking technologies related to:

  • Energy optimization
  • PFAS removal
  • Removal of emerging contaminants
  • Treatment of struvite/phosphorus in the sludge at Deer Island Treatment Plant.
  • Resilience and deployable flood defense systems

HEET is seeking technologies in the field of:

  • Thermal transfer from drinking water and sewer water.

Do you have an innovative solution for one or more of these challenges? it’s still possible to offer your technology until the 24th of May via this form. In case the American end user shows an interest in your technology, then  follow up 1:1 meetings will be scheduled.