SusPSusPhos is revolutionizing phosphate production with a circular process, recycling essential raw
materials necessary for life from alternative feedstock (sewage sludge ashes). Unlike
environmentally damaging linear fossil production, this innovative method produces sustainable
phosphate products crucial for food production, all with zero waste. SusPhos’ unique approach
ensures independence from fossil sources, offering energy efficiency and environmental
responsibility. Our innovative solution addresses concerns related to energy, material scarcity, and
social responsibility, contributing to a sustainable future. Explore the future of sustainable
phosphates with SusPhos.hos has developed a technology that can upcycle several phosphate rich waste streams into high-quality products according to market specifications, as fertilizers for greenhouses, and high-end flame-retardants at competitive prices. This will completely change the phosphate market that is now based on fossil-sources whilst also tackling the issue with recovered phosphorus containing wastes.

SusPhos is an early stage start-up preparing the pilot production for customer sampling in the first quarter of 2020. End-users will be consumers of high-end fertilizers such as the green-house fruit and vegetable industry and eco-friendly flame-retardant for the sustainable furniture industry.