Disinfecting and processing toilet water on board

Discharging toilet water from a boat is not allowed without proper treatment. A certified purification system is required for this purpose, such as the Nautic Waterloo.

Explanation Discharging untreated toilet water from a ship or houseboat introduces harmful bacteria into surface water, leading to a legal ban on such discharge. With stricter enforcement and mandatory sealing of toilet outlets on board in sight.

We believed there had to be a better way: Marco de Graaff, Doekle Yntema, and Albert Bosma. We decided to combine our expertise. Over two years, we developed a compact system that effectively eliminates harmful bacteria without the use of chemicals. You can install the Nautic Waterloo purification system (directly on the onboard toilet without prior storage) or connect it to an existing wastewater tank. It can be powered by the onboard electrical system, the most common ship heating systems, or a combination thereof. If you’re interested in our solutions, please contact us. We’re also looking for dealers for our compact and sustainable system.