EMI Twente B.V. performs confidential contract research directly with industry in the field of membrane science and technology. We are active in almost any major relevant membrane field and have a diverse set of expertise; including development of polymeric, inorganic and hybrid membranes, transport phenomena, and membrane process design. Most EMI projects are practical in nature and are treated confidentially. Intellectual property rights are always transferred to the clients.

EMI Twente offers also other services such as characterization of membrane samples, piloting studies, consultancy, workshops and desktop studies. been doing membrane related research, especially focusing on the transfer of fundamental know-how into viable products and processes. EMI Twente is recognized as an authority within the membrane field. EMI Twente offers services like desktop or consultancy work, feasibility studies, characterization of membrane samples, membrane development up to first prototype, application studies, small scale piloting, benchmarking, troubleshooting and building of customized equipment.