Klaren International receives order for the delivery of two self-cleaning heat exchangers in Germany (Aquathermia)

The project in Northern Germany concerns the realization of a climate-neutral heat and cold facility for a new neighborhood to be built along a river. The energy concept provides for a heat exchanger to be able to use the river as an ambient heat source (winter) and drain (summer). The heat exchangers are linked to heat pumps, which are supplied with solar and wind energy. At least 90% of the energy must be renewable.

The KLAREN system was chosen instead of a conventional heat exchanger because the self-cleaning configuration not only prevents fouling, but also allows the heat exchanger to operate at temperatures around and below 0oC without the formation of ice (-scaling) on the walls of the heat exchanger tubes. The fluidized bed of cleaning particles ensures that, as with other types of fouling or scaling, an ice layer that wants to form on the wall is immediately removed.

The heat exchangers (each 725 kW) will be delivered and installed early in the second quarter of 2023.