Econvert Water & Energy B.V from Heerenveen, the Netherlands, has brought in the biggest order in Saudi Arabia!

Econvert Water & Energy B.V. purifies industrial waste water with anaerobic bacteria. In addition to clean water, this process also produces biogas, which can be used as a source of energy again. The installation that that is supplied from Econvert to the Saudi is, in comparison to their installation at the Suikerunie in Hoogkerk, three times larger. Until now that was the largest ever delivered, but this will change soon.


Unique project

This unique project is a great opportunity  to put Econvert on the map once again! Because of our unique settling systems our reactors can handle a wide variety and different concentrations of waste water. Because of their lean and mean designs, anaerobic technology is now available for a large number of industries. That is why waste water becomes a valuable source of energy, in a world where energy is becoming increasingly scarce. Econvert Water&Energy is also a partner for companies that are active in, for example: food, paper, beer, drinks, chemicals and flavourings and fragrances. They help them save money in a green way!