Driving water innovation: an exclusive interview with Erik Driessen, CEO of Acquaint

Dive into our latest interview with Erik Driessen, CEO of Acquaint, as he shares his experience participating in the WTEX10 mission. Learn how Acquaint’s advanced inspection solutions for water infrastructure are making waves on the global stage.

Q: Could you please start by telling us a bit about yourself?

A: Certainly! My name is Erik Driessen, and I am CEO of Acquaint. With a chemical engineering background I have been active in the international water technology and innovation space for 18 years.

Q: Can you tell us more about what Acquaint does?

A: Acquaint is a leading company specializing in advanced condition assessment solutions for underground water infrastructure. We have developed cutting-edge digital technologies that enable smart investment decisions and optimized maintenance of water networks. Our solutions help ensure the safety, reliability, and sustainability of water supply and wastewater systems.

Q: Why is the work you do important for the world?

A: Our work in smart asset management of underground assets is crucial in addressing the global water challenges we face today. By leveraging unique technology, we can optimize the operation and maintenance of water networks, reduce water losses, and use financial resources wisely. This contributes to the conservation of water, ensures access to clean and safe water for communities, and promotes sustainable water management practices globally.

Q:Recently, you participated in the WTEX10 mission to Birmingham. How was it?

A: Participating in the WTEX10 mission to Birmingham was an exciting opportunity for us. We were motivated to be a part of this mission because it provided a platform to showcase our innovative solutions to a global audience. The mission allowed us to connect with industry leaders, experts, and potential collaborators, opening doors to new partnerships and business opportunities. We were driven by the desire to expand our network, gain recognition, and contribute to the advancement of water technology on an international scale.

Q: What sets a WTEX10 mission apart from other initiatives or conferences?

A: The WTEX10 mission stands out due to its focus on promoting Dutch water technology excellence. It brings together top-tier Dutch companies like Acquaint, providing a unique opportunity to highlight our innovations to a global audience. The mission fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange, enabling participants to showcase their expertise, establish partnerships, and contribute to solving global water challenges.

Q: Could you share what the mission to Birmingham brought you and your company?

A: The mission to Birmingham brought us tremendous value. It provided a platform to present our digital water management solutions to a diverse audience of water professionals, decision-makers, and potential customers. We were able to engage in fruitful discussions, establish new connections, and explore collaborations that can further enhance the global adoption of our technologies. The mission expanded our network, increased our visibility, and opened doors to exciting opportunities for growth and impact.

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