Concrete plans for a sustainable water supply in Delfzijl

The Delfzijl region is economically developing and, like Eemshaven, is experiencing a rising water demand. Eemshaven has been supplied with industrial water from surface water for several months now. This sustainable solution prevents precious drinking water from being used for industrial purposes. The fact that there is now a similar demand for a sustainable water solution in the Delfzijl region is almost ‘logical’.

The growth of industrial activities in Delfzijl and the arrival of new companies in fields such as bio-based chemistry and the hydrogen economy are increasing the demand for water for industrial purposes. In order to avoid using precious drinking water, Water Alliance member Waterbedrijf Groningen (drinking water company in the province of Groningen) offers sustainable alternatives through North Water, a joint industrial water subsidiary with Evides Industriewater.

Smart, sustainable water consumption

According to Waterbedrijf Groningen, water is not expensive but it is precious. Since its availability is not always guaranteerd, we need to use water differently and make smart, sustainable choices. By consciously using surface water as a source for industrial water, for example, drinking water sources are reserved for the drinking water supply. In recent years, North Water has built a sustainable industrial water treatment plant in Garmerwolde. Since this spring, this plant supplies Eemshaven with industrial water from the Eemskanaal (surface water). The water company laid an additional drinking water supply pipeline at the same time as the industrial water pipeline. The end result: a future-proof supply of drinking water and industrial water for the Eemshaven supply area in north-eastern Groningen.

Chemical park Delfzijl

New industrial water pipeline for Delfzijl

North Water and Waterbedrijf Groningen are now working on a similar plan to supply the Delfzijl region with industrial water in a sustainable manner. One of the plans is to lay an industrial water pipeline between Appingedam and Delfzijl. Connecting this pipeline with the Garmerwolde-Eemshaven industrial water pipeline will facilitate the supply of industrial water from the new Garmerwolde water treatment plant to the Delfzijl region. North Water will also construct a local distribution network at the Delfzijl port and industrial area, build an industrial water pumping station and demineralised water facility and expand the existing wastewater treatment plant. While laying the new industrial water pipeline between Appingedam and Delfzijl, Waterbedrijf Groningen is also installing another drinking water pipeline along part of the same route. Together, they are once again working on a robust drinking water and industrial water infrastructure, this time for the Delfzijl, eastern Groningen supply area.

Next phase after receiving an NPG subsidy

At the beginning of this year, the Nationaal Programma Groningen (National Program Groningen) awarded a subsidy to North Water for the construction of the industrial water transport pipeline. In addition to increasing the project’s economic feasibility, this financial contribution highlights the general interest of the plan. It was also the start signal needed in order to further elaborate the plans. North Water collaborates with the Municipality of Eemsdelta, the Province of Groningen, the companies involved and various other partners.

The plans are now taking shape, but there are still many phases to go through as is customary for projects of this kind. The first outlines will be followed by consultations with the various stakeholders, landowners and/or users, customers and the environment. It will take some time before the pipeline is actually placed in the ground and the other project components are realised at the port site. The project is scheduled for completion and commissioning at the end of 2023.

Source: Waterbedrijf Groningen