CirTec is proud of its successful start-up cellulose recovery from sewage

Recently Gruppo CAP and CirTec B.V. signed an agreement for the rental of Cellvation installation at demo-scale for a period of 5 months. Gruppo CAP is looking for opportunities to recover valuables from sewage and cellulose is one of the potential interesting resources. Since 2019, Italian legislation regarding recovery of raw materials from sewage, has included a paragraph on cellulose recovery, which is an important driver for this pilot project. The aim is to use cellulose for high-end products.

Gruppo CAP is part of a water alliance that covers the Lombardy region and where a total of 10 million PE of treatment capacity is installed. Although the research is largely carried out for Gruppo CAP’s own needs, results will be shared within this water alliance.

CirTec considers cellulose to be an essential feedstock in a circular economy and are determined to unlock this potential with the Cellvation installation. The heart of the Cellvation installation are a cellulose washer and a rotating belt finesieve. These filter systems are installed around the world in a variety of applications within municipal wastewater treatment plants, as well as in industrial solids separation applications.

The CirTec finesieve combines three critical processes into one compact unit – solids separation, sludge thickening and dewatering. The rotating filtermesh removes TSS and produces dewatered screenings. It is the only filter design that can replace conventional primary treatment.

Gruppo CAP is the first Italian water authority to recover cellulose from sewage. The installation is installed at STP Truccazzano and starting this November the harvesting of cellulose from sewage in Italy is a fact. All Recell® (cellulose recovered by Cellvation) will be supplied to the local industry and used as a raw material. For CirTec B.V. and Cellvation B.V. an important step outside the Netherlands for the international marketing of the technology.

Source: CirTec