Looking for business opportunities

Dutch companies in several fields of water technology are looking for business partners abroad. Are you interested in an ecological solution for waste water treatment or do you have technology for desalination ofEEN Logo industrial applications or are you looking for other technologies or business opportunities then please have a look at some of the  business offers and requests bellow. If you are interested in one of the opportunities below, please send an e-mail to Matthijs Plijnaar (m.plijnaar@wateralliance.nl) stating the POD Reference number of the profile and some information about your company.

Environmental turn-key equipment supplier is looking for a license agreement for technologies for industrial desalination and valuable component recovery technologies
Developer of sustainable and ecological waste water treatment systems for rural areas and tourist accommodation is looking for partners to introduce product on new markets
Developer of sustainable waste water treatment system searches trade partners to introduce system on new markets
–  Method of measuring density accurately and height of fluid levels of different density by ultrasound