Aquacolor Sensors launches new intelligent inline sensors

Aquacolor Sensors Launched new sensors. Unique of these sensors is that they comprise new applications and that you can connect them to any process automation system of the customer. Complementary to this, we also have a cloud service to which you can connect any set
of sensors available on the market.

The new line of Aquacolor Sensors comprises sensors to monitor:

  • the drinking water quality for poultry
  • the water quality in swimming pools
  • drinking water quality at festivals and sports events
  • biological growth potential in drinking water and industrial water
  • cyanobacteria in surface water


The sensors were extensively tested in close cooperation with customers who are able to login to their sensors through their cloud service and see the results in a dashboard or download historical data for offline analysis.


During testing programs with the customers Aquacolor found out that most customers already have their own process information system to which they want to connect any new sensors.


This is why Aquacolor Sensors realized 2 things:

  • A secure open source IoT service based on 4G internet and on LoRaWAN to which not only all our sensors but also sensors from other suppliers can be connected.
  • Intelligent sensors that can be connected to any industrial process computer through any interface desired by our customers.


The intelligent sensors are equipped with microcontroller technology that is embedded in the sensor head. This means that data interpretation is done in the sensor itself and that the resulting measurements are communicated directly through for example a 0-5V, 4-20 mA, RS485 signal or any other industrial standard. As a result, customers who already have their own process information system or cloud service can use them directly.