Acquaint celebrates multiple milestones with specially brewed beer

Acquaint launched its revamped website today during an online client event with Dutch water boards. The all-new corporate style – and website – is the culmination of an active period of re-branding. Acquaint is growing every day, and was looking for a way forward to its desired strategic transformation. The website launch was held digitally during Acquaint’s very first webinar.

Empowering our clients

Acquaint uses innovative inspection techniques and data science to give asset managers control over their own pipeline networks. This was also the idea behind the new website: the visitors themselves are in control, thanks to user-friendly navigatreion. Products and services are easy to find, lines are short and communication is personal, with just a dash of jargon. The new website is accessible at the same address as before:

Launch of new website

Siemen van der Heide (COO and Project Manager at Acquaint) and Pieter Groenveld (Project Engineer at Acquaint) launched the new website ‘in the field’. Pieter literally struck the figurative milestone – represented by a wooden marker stake – into the ground. The water boards attending the webinar watched and cheered along. Acquaint opted to launch the website under the watchful eye of the water boards in order to further strengthen the ties with its clients. With the help of a beer specially brewed for Acquaint – a ‘Piipke’ – all attending water boards raised a toast to the launch.

Multiple milestones

In addition to the new website launch, Acquaint marks another milestone with its very first webinar. Acquaint organised the webinar for informational purposes and to enter into discussion with the Dutch water boards, who attended in good numbers. All in all, the webinar was a success for Acquaint and the attendees.

Why rebrand?

The ‘old’ Acquaint branding was mainly geared towards reaching (prospective) clients in the water technology sector in the Netherlands, in a professional manner. Naturally, the new style is still based on professionalism combined with personal contact, but Acquaint is becoming international. In addition to the water technology sector in the Netherlands, Acquaint can market its products and services in numerous other countries, and that requires change.

Plus, Acquaint is a young company. It’s about more than just innovative products and services – every day, our team of experts sets to work putting their heart and soul into the development and implementation of those products and services. The feeling that a logo, the way of communicating, the colour scheme and attractive images stir up among (online) visitors – has been made to match during this period of re-branding.

About Acquaint B.V.

Acquaint was founded in 2014 with the mission of preventing future pipe failures. Pipelines that, within the drinking and wastewater sector, play an essential role in maintaining and achieving the welfare of the society. The company develops innovative inspection methods and technologies for piping. These tools enable pipe owners to verify maintenance strategies and detect preventive failure mechanisms. Data science offers a leveraging effect, which quickly puts our clients in control. Acquaint helps systematically drive down capital costs and achieve operational excellence.

Source: Acquaint