Water Test Network vouchers awarded

Within the European Water Test Network (WTN) project, SMEs are supported in accelerating the market introduction of their water technologies. In addition to assistance with the validation and verification of products, this support also includes the possibility to obtain vouchers with a value of up to €50.000. These vouchers can be used for testing products at the 14 different operational scale test facilities. Last summer Water Future and Bright Spark were awarded vouchers. Read what these entrepreneurs have to say about the Water Test Network.

Water Future

Water Future in Dongen is a start-up technology and innovation company, specialised in purification and disinfection, treatment and management of water and waste water from agriculture and horticulture. The company does this with a unique combination of technologies. Managing director and owner of Water Future Willem van Baak: “We first heard about WTN and the possibility of applying for vouchers during the European Water Technology Week, EWTW 2018, organized by WaterCampus Leeuwarden. CEW project manager Jordi Moreno gave a presentation about the project there. We immediately saw opportunities to test one of our technologies. This involves the ion-selective removal of sodium from waste water through an electrically driven process. Valuable nutrients remain in the water for reuse. We want to demonstrate that zero emission of water and fertilizers is achievable with this technology. For that we have to test on a practical scale and that is difficult because most horticulturists are not enthusiastic to play the role of ‘the guinea pig’. Now that we have received this WTN voucher, things will change. The success of the project attracts people and now there is a budget. With the support of WTN we will perform tests to obtain certification for the list of the Assessment Committee Purification Plants Greenhouse Horticulture (in Dutch the BZG-lijst). We will do this at a tomato grower in the Dutch greenhouse horticulture region Westland, where we previously performed smaller tests. From 2020 we will demonstrate on a practical scale that the technology works. WaterCampus is a unique and powerful cluster of organisations that seamlessly connect with each other. I would certainly recommend other technology developers to take advantage of this and to inquire about the possibilities of WTN.”

Bright Spark

Bright Spark was founded in 2002 by Maurice Tax. The company introduced electrolysis without additives to treat (drinking) water worldwide. Since 2017, Bright Spark has been part of a globally operating listed company that works as an R&D company to support and develop new technology for water treatment and sensing. General Manager Maurice Tax: “Because Bright Spark regularly uses the test facilities at CEW, the Water Application Center (WAC), and Wetsus, we came across the information that these vouchers may apply to us. Normally, testing and performing a critical analysis of the products we develop is expensive and time-consuming. With the help of the WTN we can speed up the process and with less costs. The laboratory is accredited and known, so a good reference for us. Our goal with WTN is to validate the new technology being developed by Bright Spark. And to determine what the capacities really are and what possibilities there are to bring this technology to other markets. There are many unknown opportunities and financial opportunities within the EU. I would say to other entrepreneurs: make use of it! ”

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