Research on Water and Energy Saving through Volume Flow Control

Consulting and technology company Cenergist, social housing company Woon-Friesland and the Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW) have launched a collaborative project focusing on domestic water and energy savings.

Within this project, the effectiveness of the Control Flow HL2024 is being investigated. This is an innovative device from Cenergist that stabilises pressure fluctuations in water pipes to reduce water and energy consumption in homes.

Aeres students and NHL Stenden Involved

Through CEW, nine students from the Aeres course Living Environment Researcher were involved to assist in the research. They went to the Vrijheidswijk district in Leeuwarden and visited 91 rental homes managed by Woon-Friesland to install a Control Flow HL2024 and to take a questionnaire from the residents about their water consumption. This questionnaire was developed by an NHL Stenden Communication student.

Follow-up process

Two months after the installation, the water and energy savings generated by the Control Flow HL2024 in the relevant homes will be evaluated. This should determine whether implementation of the device on a larger scale is feasible in the Netherlands.

Source: Centre of Expertise Water (CEW) / Cenergist