NX Filtration supplies hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes for potable water production at Indonesian hospital

NX Filtration, specialist in innovative hollow fiber membrane solutions, was selected by PT. Bayu, an Indonesian specialist in constructing water and wastewater treatment plants, to supply its hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes for potable water production for Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusomo, Indonesia’s biggest state owned hospital in Jakarta.

The nanofiltration system will supply the Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusomo hospital with clean potable water with a capacity of 4,000 liters per hour based on NX Filtration’s dNF40 membrane modules. This is NX Filtration’s second project for PT. Bayu , to whom NX Filtration supplied its dNF80 membrane modules earlier this year for the production of drinking water for the city of Dumai based on local river water.

Nyoman Yasa, CEO at PT. Bayu, comments: “We are happy to continue to work with NX Filtration’s hollow fiber nanofiltration technology. Based on this technology we can produce clean drinking water for the Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusomo hospital from city water or deep well water in the city of Jakarta. In one step, we can remove bacteria, viruses, organics, micropollutants and reduce hardness of the feed water. This can be achieved avoiding chemical pre-treatment and significantly reducing energy consumption compared to reverse osmosis.”

Robert Gerard, Commercial Director at NX Filtration, comments: “We are proud to supply this second project to PT. Bayu. Our hollow fiber nanofiltration technology was already used for drinking water production in the city of Dumai. We are proud that our technology will now also contribute to a reliable, affordable and sustainable drinking water supply for the Cipto Mangunkusomo hospital.”