In the Municipality of Leeuwarden, Rinagro’s Compost-O is actively contributing to clean water initiatives.

Rinagro, a leading provider of agricultural solutions, is dedicated to contributing to clean water by addressing the challenges associated with manure or fertilizer usage in crop cultivation. As outlined by the European Water Framework Directive (WFD), improving water quality is a crucial objective that Rinagro actively supports. Through their innovative products and services, Rinagro enables farmers to mitigate the potential leaching of nitrogen from fertilizers into surface water and groundwater. By leveraging the power of beneficial bacteria, Rinagro’s solutions help retain nitrogen in the soil, ensuring it remains available to plants during the growing season.

They base the above on recent studies of the leachate water from the compost heaps of roadside and natural grass of the Municipality of Leeuwarden that have been treated with our product Compost-O®. The leachate water and the water from the nearest ditch were analyzed and the results all fell below the detection limit of 0.05 kg/ton.

Source: Rinagro