GMB Services B.V. and Acquaint B.V. join forces

LEEUWARDEN, 7 May 2020 – Today GMB Services B.V. and Acquaint B.V. signed a partner agreement. The collaboration ensures more capacity in the market for carrying out specialised pipeline inspection research. This partner agreement is the continuation of years of intensive cooperation between the companies.

Everything around us is aging, including pipes. Asset managers want to prevent future failure of pipelines. This creates a growing demand for inspection methods and techniques that provide insight into the condition assessment and life expectancy of pipelines. By joining forces, GMB Services B.V. and Acquaint B.V. are able to serve the market even more and faster.

Acquaint B.V. is enthusiastic about the collaboration with GMB Services B.V .: “It is our mission to create circular business through our advanced inspection techniques. Thanks to the collaboration, we can trace bottlenecks faster, resolve them and make the underground safer ”, according to general manager Rudy Dijkstra.

With this collaboration, GMB Services B.V. broadens and deepens its focus within the wastewater industry. Niels de Kleijn, director of GMB Services B.V .: “We are very happy with this collaboration. It fits perfectly in our ambitions for the future. As a multi-technical company we want to support our clients, among other things by performing specialist inspections, maintenance and renovation or replacement of pipelines. It fits perfectly in our strategy to maintain and renovate pipelines together with partners ”.

The purpose of this collaboration is also to achieve greater efficiency during the execution of the work. Willem van Rumpt, team manager at Water Board Zuiderzeeland and joint client of GMB Services B.V. and Acquaint B.V. confirms this: “Problems within pipework negatively affects our production process. With the use of pigging, internal inspection of pipelines, we gain insight into the condition of our pipelines. This helps to make decisions on maintenance and prevent our pipeline downtime”.

Short lines and smooth communication promote the necessary adequate response of asset managers. Flexibility appears to be the great strength of the collaboration. All in all a great combination.

About Acquaint B.V.

Acquaint was founded in 2014 and aims to prevent future failure of pipes. The company develops innovative inspection methods and techniques for pipelines. With the air of these tools pipeline owners are able to verify maintenance strategies and detect preventive failure mechanisms. The application of data science creates a leverage effect whereby customers increase the control over their assets. Acquaint contributes to the structural reduction of capital costs and the achievement of operational excellence. More info:

About GMB Services B.V.

GMB Services B.V. is a multi-technical partner for companies in the field of wastewater, drinking water and environment. The company maintains and renovates treatment and pumping installations including connected piping systems, sand filters and clean water cellars, and carries out concrete repairs and soil remediation. Flexible and decisive. We do this for drinking water companies, water boards, municipalities and industrial companies. We simplify maintenance due to the fact that we offer specialists for different disciplines and integrated total solutions: easy and efficient. More info: