Established in September 2018, the Global Water Tech Hub Alliance was set up to foster international collaboration between regional hubs of water technology innovation. It is an open platform that helps match specific water challenges with solutions from around the world.

Points of collaboration

The six hubs want to work in closer collaboration, and have announced that they will be concentrating on the following points:
1) Define needs – identifying local water challenges and calling for solutions
2) Find innovation – scouting and review of innovative technologies according to common criteria
3) Show opportunity – sharing business possibilities and bringing stakeholders together for collaboration
4) Verify proposals- identifying technical and business experts to assist with the advancement of member programs
5) Develop Talent – supporting the exchange of human resources for innovation and sharing educational programs
6) Showcase Success – promoting the best innovative new technologies of water hubs on a global stage

Involved parties

The six representatives of the Water Tech Hubs who signed the declaration are:
• Dean Amhaus, The Water Council, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
• Han Loong Fong, PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency
• Yossi Yaacoby, Mekorot-Watech, Israel
• Jinyoung Jung, Yeungnam University, Korea Water Cluster, Daegu, S.Korea
• Hein Molenkamp, Water Alliance, WaterCampus, Netherlands
• Shaoxian Zhang, Jiangsu Institute of Environmental Industry, Jiangsu Cluster, China

What’s in it for you

As a start-up, creator, SME or enterprising student with an innovative idea, you can contribute to the Global Water Tech Hub Alliance by participating in the GWTHA challenges. Successful solutions will be piloted with the aim to implement them at scale. The challenges are directly linked to significant business and/or research opportunities and the initial outcomes of the resulting collaboration will be showcased by GWTHA at water events like Aquatech Amsterdam and Watec from November 2019.

For more info please contact Alex Berhitu on +31(0)582849044 or have a look on the GWTHA webpage.