UV LifeShower lowers risk on contamination through micro-organisms

In order lower the risk on contamination through micro-organism such as Legionella foto Uvidis Life ShowerUvidis has developed the UV Life Shower.  This revolutionary, sturdy shower-unit is very suitable at locations where a shower is used on a (more than) daily basis. The UV Lifeshower® is increasingly seen at public pools, healthcare, hotels and penitentiaries. The unit is very suitable as OHS-shower as well.

The innovative character of the UV Lifeshower® was recognized by the jury of the FGNoviteitenprijs 2015. The UV Lifeshower was the winner of this price, leaving behind more than 100 other innovations.

Tailor made and certified

Uvidis develops, produces, installs and maintains a wide range of UV disinfecting products; diversified from point of entry-systems, which do their disinfecting job there where building-related installation starts, to point of use-systems, which disinfect at the tap. The Uvidis systems diverge in size and capacity, and are thereby a solution for every water installation (whether its drinking or process water). Besides that, it is important to know that all Uvidis products are certified according to the requirements of the evaluation guideline BRL 14010 and KIWA  ATA; both by the Dutch government recognized declarations that the applied products measure up to the applicable quality standards.