Join Aquasuite’s webinar ‘Introducing the virtual operator for industrial wastewater’ on Tuesday 6 October.

How can modern techniques such as Machine Learning and artificial intelligence (AI) help to reduce OPEX and operational risks in industrial wastewater treatment? The Aquasuite webinar “Introducing the Virtual Operator for industrial wastewater treatment” on October 6 is specifically aimed at Plant Managers, Utility Managers and industry specialists, and zooms into the operation and capabilities of the Virtual Operator. A number of concrete examples are presented.

Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Time: 3PM CET / 2PM BST
Language: English
Team: Niels Tiemessen (Product Manager), Robert Nijhuis (Business Development Director), and Saif Abualkaz (Senior Process Engineer)

At the end of the webinar there will be a Q&A with Robert Nijhuis, Niels Tiemessen and Saif Abualkaz.

What you will learn

• What the virtual operator is and how it works
• How the virtual operator helps you manage operational risks and saves OPEX
• How the virtual operator empowers your staff and enhances in-company knowhow
• Experiences of Aquasuite implementations

More information and registration

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