EasyMeasure starts IoT test with sensors at the WaterCampus

Today, EasyMeasure took, in close cooperation with Wetsus, an Internet of Things (IoT) network in operation to measure air and water quality parameters in the WaterCampus biotope. The objective is to collect data with a large number of simple sensors, providing direct and indirect information on the air and water qualities at the WaterCampus.

In a nutshell, the qualities of the surface water and the water in the ponds are predicted through big data and sensor fusion. Additionally, the network is used to test the performance and robustness of new sensors by adding them to the network and by comparing the generated data with measurements of the other sensors in the network. “With spin-off company Aquacolor Sensors, we recently realized a number of new sensors that we will now thoroughly test in the network in order to validate them. In parallel we also regularly take water samples that will be analyzed by the Water Application Center Leeuwarden (WAC).” says Mateo Mayer from EasyMeasure.

EasyMeasure is also part of the Wetsus Sensoring theme. “The platform set-up, as installed at the WaterCampus, is perfectly in line with actual R&D projects with focus on big data and sensor fusion. Practical experience obtained with the IoT network at the WaterCampus will accelerate the translation of knowledge to practical applications for our theme members.” says Martijn Wagterveld from Wetsus.

Sensors that are connected to the network can upload data to the cloud service through wifi, 4G, ethernet, and LoRaWAN, through The Things Network. To facilitate this, Wetsus and the WAC installed a LoRaWAN gateway with antenna so that there is network coverage at the whole WaterCampus and several kilometers beyond. EasyMeasure made the gateways public for data transfer.

At this moment, following sensors are taken in operation: a weather station measuring temperature, air pressure, relative humidity and air quality, a light / sun hours sensor and following inline and real time water sensors: a near infrared underwater camera, a UV-A sensor, a turbidity sensor, a biofilm sensor, a UV-C sensor and pH, temperature, ORP and DO sensors.

All sensors upload their data real time to the cloud service of EasyMeasure, where the history of all data can be downloaded.

Do you see opportunities for cooperation? Please send an e-mail to mateo.mayer@easymeasure.nl or martijn.wagterveld@wetsus.nl. You can follow the developments through Twitter @MateoTech.